The Randal S. Bloch Family Visitation Center (FVC) is collaboration between the Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations, Hamilton County Juvenile Court and The Children’s Home. The FVC provides a location where children can spend time with their parents in a safe, nurturing environment.

The FVC offers areas for parents to do homework, engage in art activities, or play with their children. A playground and a basketball court are also available on the campus.

Parents can use the FVC when a judge or magistrate from the court orders supervised parenting time. Once an order and payment, if necessary, are received through the appropriate court channels visit will be scheduled.

During visits the Family Visitation Center’s staff will be available to support and connect families, as needed, to community mental and behavioral health resources. A Cincinnati police officer will also be on the premises.

We are in the final stages of opening the center to more families in addition to the Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations and Hamilton County Juvenile Court.

Additional guidance and information, including directions and payment information, may be found here.

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St. Aloysius recently joined with the Children’s Home to become Cincinnati’s premier agency for early childhood services, education, and behavioral health under the organization Best Point.

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