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How to Identify Signs of Mental Illness in Kids
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Friday, September 14, 2018

Mental illness is not just limited to adults. It does not always manifest once an individual reaches a certain age. There are innumerable cases where children begin to exhibit signs of a mental condition at a very early age.

Naturally, the delineation of signs will differ when it comes to children. This is precisely why it is imperative that parents, guardians and teachers are able to comprehend the signals and accommodate and protect the affected children.

Reading the Signs

Understanding and accepting that their child is suffering from a mental illness can be an arduous and emotionally exhausting task for parents. If they are stalling, their child may have to forego treatment that could prove particularly beneficial. Therefore, the onus lies on parents to discern indications of a mental illness and learn how to guide their child to cope with it as well.

Why it is Difficult

There are several reasons why it is challenging for parents to grasp the notion that their child is prone to a mental condition. Unfortunately, many adults simply do not have the knowhow or knowledge required to identify the symptoms of mental illness that their offspring may exhibit.

Even if parents know the red flags, it can prove strenuous to distinguish signs of an issue from normal childhood demeanor. For instance, parents may reason that every child is unique and that they tend to alter their behavior as well. This is confounded by the fact that certain children lack the development of vocabulary and are unable to explain how they feel.

Conditions Affecting Children

Children can develop various types of mental illness. However, how they express themselves may differ vastly from how an adult would, for example. One example is that a young child may be aggravated easily and lash out in contrast to a depressed adult.

Mental conditions that may adversely affect children include anxiety disorders. Children may be the subject of concerns like obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder as well. The aforementioned issues can debilitate them in their daily activities and become a persistent obstacle.

Another common mental illness is called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This particular condition entails a lack of concentration and the inability to pay attention. In addition, hyperactivity and impulsive actions are also considered the norm when a child has ADHD. While some children may only exhibit one of the above, others may not be so lucky.

Yet another mental illness that children may develop is called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This is a severe disorder that has a negative impact on the child’s development. It tends to affect them in their infancy. They may be unable to communicate and interact properly with others as a result of ASD.

If you know a child who needs special attention, feel free to contact The Children’s Home now.


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