The Children's Home of Cincinnati

At The Children’s Home, helping children overcome their social, behavioral and learning issues means helping their parents and caregivers, as well.

Helping children means helping their parents and caregivers as well. We are proud to share our parenting and educational knowledge and practices via on- and off-campus initiatives.

New Patient-Counseling for Caregivers

We are accepting new patients, aged 18 and over, for individual counseling who are the parent or guardian of a school-aged child or children. Patients must have active medical insurance, including Medicaid, Anthem, United Healthcare (UHC), or UMR (a UHC company). We do not accept Medicare. At this time we are only providing telehealth services. Therapists utilize a variety of evidence-based approaches, dependent on the individual needs of the client. These include: cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness and client-centered therapy.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the following services: alcohol and drug treatment or adult case management. If you are interested in these or more intensive behavioral health services, please click here for a resource list.

Moving Beyond Depression

Being a new mom is overwhelming for many. For some, this can result in feeling overly anxious and/or depressed. If you, or someone you know, are experiencing overwhelming feelings of sadness, unusual irritability, low energy, a drastic change in appetite, or trouble sleeping after having a child then we can help. We offer a home-based mental health treatment designed for mothers who are experiencing depression after giving birth. The program is comprised of 15 weekly sessions and two follow-up booster sessions. The program is called Moving Beyond Depression and the attached pamphlet has more information.

Big News!

St. Aloysius recently joined with the Children’s Home to become Cincinnati’s premier agency for early childhood services, education, and behavioral health under the organization Best Point.

Best Point

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