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The Children's Home School is a state chartered, non-public, alternative education option for children who have difficulty succeeding in a traditional school setting. All children referred to our school must have an IEP and district referral, which covers the cost of tuition and provides transportation to and from school.

We are independently operated but are an option for districts that have a need to refer children to a separate facility. Children benefit from low teacher-student ratios (1:4 in the Lower School & 1:6 in the Upper School). Classes focus on each student’s individual needs. Our goal is to transition students from our campus to their home schools when possible.

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Outcomes for the 2016-2017 school year:

  • 99% of Parents would recommend our services to family and friends
  • 99% of Parents are satisfied with the overall quality of services
  • 94 of our eligible seniors in US graduated. (82.2% Ohio, 81% National, 71.2% CPS all 2015-2016 year data)
  • Upper School averaged .4 Grade Level improvement in Math & 0.7 Grade Level Improvement in Reading (as measured by the STARS assessment)
  • Lower School average 1.1 Grade Level improvement in Math & 0.5 in Reading (as measured by the STARS assessment)
  • PHED averaged 1.1 Grade Level improvement in Math & 0.5 Grade Level Improvement in Reading (as measured by the STARS assessment)
  • 100% of school districts would recommend our services, as well as being satisfied with the quality of our services
  • 100% of students were promoted to the next grade level
Each classroom is staffed by a Licensed Intervention Specialist Teacher and Education Assistant. The academic curriculum aligns to the common core standards, required by The Ohio Department of Education (ODE). The Children’s Home School is certified in The Teaching Family Model®. This model is used to develop and improve student’s social skills addressing the social, emotional and developmental difficulties these children face.

Every member of our staff is trained in non-violent crisis intervention. This helps to identify and support the unique needs of our students.

Lower School Integrated Therapeutic Classroom

This class will support the Educational and Mental Health needs of students in grades K-3. The Integrated Therapeutic classroom offers a more intensive level of care than our typical Lower School Classroom through:
  • Lower ratios - Staff includes an Intervention Specialist and two Therapeutic Group Leaders to support students with academics and behaviors
  • Therapeutic group treatment and academics daily. Therapists and case managers are assigned to each child to provide support in the classroom, in the home and with transition coordination
Eligible Students:

Have an IEP, district referral, Medicaid eligibility and a diagnostic assessment that indicates medical necessity for partial hospitalization services.

The Integrated Therapeutic Classroom operates on the same schedule as The Children’s Home Lower School and transportation is provided through Medicaid. Our objective is for students to progress academically and behaviorally so they are able to transition to a less restrictive environment.

Upper School Virtual Academy

This is a computer based online curriculum that allows credit deficient students grades 9-12 to earn credits towards a high school diploma. Students benefit by working at their own pace, allowing for adjustments to fit their social, behavioral and learning challenges. For students who have not succeeded in traditional classroom setting, the Virtual Academy program offers a real chance for academic success and high school graduation.

Also available: After School Virtual Academy

Same as the Full Day Virtual Academy, but this program is for students that a traditional school environment is no longer an option. Available 4 days a week from 2:15 pm– 5:15 pm.

The Children's Home School Job Readiness

This program is designed to provide the necessary credits towards graduation, while implementing a curriculum that reduces the likelihood of students dropping out.

Training and coaching is provided through classroom instruction, small group sessions, contextual learning experiences, and optional individualized sessions with our Career Readiness Specialist to support a successful transition to adulthood.

Assessment and instruction occur across a continuum of job-readiness related skills:
  • Soft Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Healthy Living
  • Job Readiness
  • College Readiness
  • Technology
The Upper School also utilizes PAES® (Practical Assessment Exploration System) Lab, which offers students structured exposure to over 264 simulated work activities via the transition curriculum.

Theater Arts Program

The Children’s Home School collaborates with the Ensemble Theater to offer a theatre arts program. This program is designed to enhance student’s self-esteem, social skills and appreciation for the arts. Annually, each school performs an original play, scripted by students. Students learn and participate in every aspect of the play, from writing, set design and lighting to costume fittings and on-stage rehearsal. Students perform to audiences consisting of family members, donors, trustees, and staff.

Visit our photo gallery from the most recent performance.

For more information, or to find out how to refer a student, please call 513.272.2800.


Our mission of transforming the lives of children and their families cannot be fulfilled without the generous support of individuals like you.



We offer various volunteer opportunities throughout the year for individuals and organizations. Projects such as landscaping and program supply drives are a great way to bond with fellow co-workers, church members or others while contributing to a worthy cause benefitting Cincinnati’s most vulnerable populations. For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact us at

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