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Here you'll find a collection of news articles and helpful resources!

Check out our summer/fall 2021 newsletter!

Inside we have the roaring return of Rockin’ at Riverfest, our inaugural Juneteenth celebration, the newly minted Randal S. Bloch Family Visitation Center, the Heidt Center Minecraft Club and so much more!

Have you ever thought about self-compassion?

Check out this article by one of our experts at Best Point Behavioral Health. She discusses a powerful tool how it benefits everyone, especially young, developing minds.

Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care

Vicarious trauma is something we don’t talk about enough in helping professions,” says Dani Green, vicepresident of counseling programs at Best Point Behavioral Health by The Children’s Home. “It’s very real and I thinkit’s important this week to recognize and bring awareness to the topic.

Mission First … People Always

As our FY for 2021 nears its end, we detail some accomplishments and impacts from a year like no other. Click the link to check out our annual president’s report!

Amanda Tipkemper Testimony

Amanda Tipkemper, education and autism services director at The Children's Home, testifies before the Budget and Finance Committee at the City Council budget hearings held on June 8, 2021. Amanda explains the importance of job readiness programming at The Children's Home, its impact on the community and asks the committee to continue funding this life-changing resource. Click the link to see her testimony on our YouTube Channel!

Childcare providers use two- generational approach to help preschoolers from being expelled

Our friends at PACES (Positive + Adverse Childhood Experiences) interviewed our own Carolyn Brinkmann, director to early childhood and school age services, about a tragic phenomenon in the United States. Did you know preschoolers are three times as likely to be expelled from school than elementary, middle and high school-aged students?

Minecraft at Heidt Center of Excellence

Caitlyn Lynch, autism intervention specialist at the Heidt Center, developed the lesson plans for her students participating in Minecraft Club. She said the immersive, detailed environment rewards skillsets and attributes like critical thinking and dynamic planning.

Justice Letter AAPI

"It’s imperative and incumbent on all community service organizations as well as our civic, business, clergy, and scholarly communities to keep these topics at the forefront of the conversation. It is my hope our neighbors and friends will echo our call to action of pledging solidarity with the AAPI community."

Opinion: We must equip our most vulnerable children to win

Have you ever considered how a random roll of cosmic dice could have altered life circumstances for anyone? Check out this insightful op-ed by The Children’s Home’s Chief Administrative Officer Roderick Hinton published by The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Art, History & Science Fair

Check out some highlights from our latest art, history & science fair!

President's Report February 2021

Check out the latest report to The Children's Home's Board of Trustees from President and CEO John Banchy.

Seasons of Transformation Vol 2

"Saying I'm proud of The Children's Home's reaction to national-level issues such as COVID-19 and the topic of social justice is a vast understatement." - John Banchy, President and CEO

Autism & Pop Culture

"I think Rain Man did a great job in calling attention to autism and humanizing the diagnosis," said Amanda Tipkemper, education and autism services director at The Children's Home. "It was a springboard for making it part of the national vernacular, but it also created a stereotype that all people with autism are savants, which is not the case at all."

Story of Shiniah

Cheryl Johnson, Quinntez Johnson, and Shiniah Johnson are clients in Every Child Succeeds, a Children's Home partner program.

CareSource Donates $1M to Increase Behavioral Health Treatment Options in Ohio

“Real mental health needs among vulnerable populations have the utmost attention of parents, educators and the medical community,” said John Banchy, president and CEO of The Children’s Home. “My deepest appreciation is extended to CareSource who is helping us continue to advance and modify our efforts in real-time to remain relevant and impactful. Community allies like these have supported us in staying open, available, and ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

See the full release here.

Family Visitation Story

Parents can use the FVC (Family Visitation Center) when a judge or magistrate from the court orders supervised parenting time.

Black History Month

African American History Month was officially designated as an annual celebration and acknowledgement of the African American community's accomplishments and history in 1976.

Cincinnati Leaders Coalesce Others to Benefit Vulnerable Children

Author Ken Blanchard once said, "The greatest leaders mobilize others by coalescing people around a shared vision."

Hope, Help and Healing... Coffee!

Sidewinder Coffee and The Children's Home are collaborating to formulate a one-of-a-kind coffee blend to raise funds to support children and families in need during the holiday season.

Hope Squad Founder visits TCH campus

The Children's Home was pleased to welcome Hope Squad founder Dr. Greg Hudnall to our campus today.


The Children's Home has assumed responsibility of the Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios (CATS) to increase the capability of the agency's portfolio of programs design to provide hope, help and healing to at-risk children and families in the Tri-State.

Mentorship, Target Skills pave path for student's future success

An Upper School student at The Children's Home is preparing for a successful transition to his home school district after the completion of his first semester at the agency's main campus in Madisonville.

Agency Impact: Kai's Story

"'I can't say enough about Kai,' says Elijahjuan Pennington, upper school educational aide at The Children's Home. 'He's one of my best students, best athletes, has great perspectives to share in class and holds other classmates accountable.'"

Virtual Therapy Rooms

Behavioral Health Counseling Therapist incorporates virtual therapy environments to facilitate counseling services for young clients.

2020 Rockin at Riverfest

Our 2020 Rockin at Riverfest auction is live Monday, Aug 24. Check out what’s inside this commemorative program! And you can bid on some amazing items too!

The Children's Home Newsletter August 2020

We're excited to bring you a new feature - Seasons of Transformation: The official newsletter of The Children's Home. Here you will find a great snapshot of the latest and greatest happenings at Cincinnati's premiere nonprofit agency that has supported children and families of Greater Cincinnati for 156 years!

Battling Back to School Anxiety

"Behavioral health experts from The Children's Home offer advice, tips and tools for parents and caregivers to ease the anxiety many families are feeling."

Family Visitation Center

"Parents and children at The Children's Home Family Visitation Center, at 5014 Madison Road, can maintain the life-essential bond between parent and child by using specialized services provided at the Family Visitation Center."

Imagination is a powerful thing

"Imagine being a first-time, expectant mother with no real support network to turn to."

Back to School

A letter from President and CEO John Banchy to partner educators as well as some news and highlights from The Children’s Home.

Community Impact During the Pandemic

“Your support continues to help us make positive impacts on our community. We've compiled some very illustrative data that shows how, with the help of our supporters, volunteers and partners we're able to continue to make a difference. The needs of the vulnerable children and families we support don't disappear because of a crisis. And neither do we.”

An Every Child Succeeds Story

“An Every Child Succeeds (ECS) client served by The Children's Home recently shared the impact of the agency's services have had on her and her child.”

What was the difference between autism and Asperger’s Disorder?

“In the past, people who had been diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome shared similar characteristics; like the sensitivity when it came to textures and lights, the need to follow a routine or a certain schedule. Today, there is no longer a diagnosis for Asperger’s. Debbie Gingrich, vice president for Behavioral Health at Best Point by The Children’s Home describes why.”

Compassion Fatigue

“Compassion fatigue, also known as secondary stress reaction, describes a type of stress from helping or wanting to help those who are traumatized or under some type of emotional distress.”

70% of teens struggle with mental health

“A recent natural survey of youths aged 13-19 has uncovered that seven of every 10 teenagers are struggling with mental health issues.”

Online Parent Support Group

“The parent support group is the brainchild of Karen Hargis, school-based day treatment therapist at The Children's Home. Hargis says the sole purpose of the group is to focus on supporting parents and guardians who have children enrolled in the agency's school-based day treatment services.”

Celebrating Black

“The long-term effects of dehumanizing Black Americans has recently been highlighted in the media and the hearts of many. The parameters of black identity are being redefined and people are finally ready to celebrate blackness.”

When Everyday is Take Your Child to Work Day

“The emerging 'new normal' for working parents has blurred the lines of what were formerly very clear distinctions between work and home life as millions of Americans are teleworking because of COVID-19.”

Justice Letter from John Banchy

“We have been presented with a real chance to enact positive change, only limited by our resourcefulness and our will. While injustice among marginalized populations is now at the forefront of the national conversation, The Children’s Home encourages our neighbors and friends to join the conversation of justice in productive, thoughtful and meaningful ways.”

"Drive-Thru Graduation" at The Children's Home

“The first ever 'drive-thru graduation' by the Children's Home is scheduled for Monday, May 18, 6 p.m. at the circule drive located on the agency's main campus in Madisonville where 17 graduating seniors will be recognized by the non-profit organization.”

The Children's Home Awarded Grant from Federal Communications Commission

“The Children's Home announced today that the nonprofit agency was awarded a $456,871 grant from the Federal Communications Commission.”

The Children's Home receives COVID-19 Regional Response Fund Grant

“The Children's Home's pandemic childcare program has received a timely grant from the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund in a collaborative effort made possible with the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and United Way.”

Reds Senzel donates to local children’s charity

“A Cincinnati Reds outfielder has generously donated to The Children’s Home pandemic childcare program.”

Annual Autism Awareness Month Door Decorating Contest

“Our autism services students couldn't have their traditional door decorating contest in their classrooms for autism awareness month... so they decorated their doors at home instead!”

The Children's Home CoStars Preschool Named "Pandemic Certified" Childcare Facility

“Some moms don't have the option of working from home because their job involves saving lives at a time when our community needs them most.”

The Children's Home named among top nonprofits in the nation

"The Children's Home has been selected as one of the 2020 Best Nonprofits to Work For by the NonProfit Times, a leading national business publication for non-profit organizations."

When Worrying Becomes Harmful

"'It is quite possible, and medically proven, that one can literally worry themselves sick,' said Dr. Joe Rieman, medical director of The Children's Home."


"Governor Mike DeWine on Thursday, March 12, directed all schools in Ohio to close at the end of the scheduled school day beginning Monday, March 16, as a precautionary measure. It's also important to note what The Children's Home has been doing prior to, and immediately after, the governor's decision."

Young Learning Styles

"Each human being experiences the world in unique ways. This often translates into how we learn."

Why Does My Child Play in a Box?

"An empty box is full of possibilities and provides kids with an opportunity for creativity and make-believe play."

Heidt Center Students visit Natl. Museum of Air Force

"Students in the autism services program at the Heidt Center of Excellence recently spent the day at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio."

TCH Family Visitation Center marks 1-year of service

"The Children's Home Family Visitation Program recently marked it's 1-year anniversary of service to parents and children, which was initially launched in partnership with the Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court."

Celebrating African-American History Month 2020

Join us in a look back through history to celebrate African-American History month this year!

Educational Benefits of Toy Blocks

"For centuries, parents and educators have known that children love to play with objects known as 'building blocks,' 'alphabet blocks,' or simply 'toy blocks.'"

Got-Special Kids

"Students at the Heidt Center of Excellence recently began training at Got Special Kids to learn workplace skills any employer would find valuable."

Social Media Use for Children & Adolescents

"Social media applications can be a way for youth to express themselves, learn about other cultures and ideas, and find information. At the same time, social media exposes youth to risks such as cyber-bullying, catfishing, and other online predators."

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

"PTSD has become common language in today's world, but what actually is it?"

Top Apps for Teens

"There are literally millions of computer and phone apps in cyberspace. It can be challenging for parents to keep up with and what's out there and what their teens are exposed to. The Children's Home took a look at the top apps teens are using in 2020."

A HUGS Story

"Thanks to the generous community of Greater Cincinnati, passionate volunteers, partner organizations and individual donors, we have hundreds of HUGS stories to share. Here is one of them."

The most wonderful time of year... for some

"According to a study called Map the Meal Gap 2019, nearly 140,000 people in Hamilton County alone have what the academic and professional communities call 'food insecurities.' In Clermont County, there are another 22,440.'"

Dangers of Teens & Vaping

"Vaping is a term commonly associated with using electronic or 'e-cigarettes.' Other names include 'e-cigs,' 'e-hookahs,' 'mods,' 'vape pens,' 'vapes,' and 'tank systems.'"

Shantytown Media Advisory

"Join us as our kids learn about homelessness in Greater Cincinnati."

Opioid use and danger of e-cigarettes among Greater Cincinnati youth

"The Children's Home of Cincinnati will continue to provide prevention and early intervention services to youth and will remain vigilant about upcoming trends such as a rising use of e-cigarettes, commonly referred to as 'vaping.'"

Flag Football

"The benefits of school sanctioned sports are many and constructive," said Melissa Grondin, autism services associate principal and one of Heidt Center's coaches.

The Children's Home Budget Bootcamp 2019

Budget Bootcamp is a unique exercise that equips students to make realistic financial and other related "real life" decisions while navigating a Game of Life experience.

Mike's Carwash partners with TCH - raises nearly $14k

Mike's Carwash stopped by our Red Bank Expressway campus Sept. 11, which houses The Children's Home Autism Services and preschool programs, and presented the students with a check for nearly $14,000.

Rockin' at Riverfest 2019

The Children's Home of Cincinnati recently announced the official co-chairs for this year's Rockin' at Riverfest, scheduled for Sept. 1 at Smale Riverfront Park.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is an integrative mental health and human services profession that enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship, according to the American Art Therapy Association.

Autism Services program class of 2019

Fourteen students from The Children's Home of Cincinnati's Autism Services program graduated on May 20 with their high school diplomas at a ceremony in the gymnasium located on The Children's Home main campus.

2019 Best Workplaces in Ohio

The Children's Home of Cincinnati has been officially named one of the 2019 Best Workplaces in Ohio!

The Impact of Healthy Food on Education, Behavioral, and Mental Health in Youth

The science behind food nutrition illustrates that the nutrients found in these kinds of foods aid in brain function, better behavior and even academic test performance.

Guiding Your Child Through Tantrums

"Stay calm. Take a deep breath. Remember, your child is really just talking to you."

Identifying Autism in Girls

New studies are starting to question if the difference in prevalence can be accounted for the difficulty in identifying girls on the spectrum.

How to Handle "Evening Meltdowns"

Learn about how allowing children on the spectrum to "reboot" when they get home can help.


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