The newest program of The Children’s Home helps families grow and thrive together by supporting caregivers in meeting the needs of their infants, toddlers, and young children when trauma, abuse, and/or neglect has occurred.


  • Ensure child well-being and stability
  • Heal and stop intergenerational transmission of trauma
  • Improve the relationships in children’s lives, with particular attention to the parent/caregiver and child relationship
  • Accelerate permanency when children are in foster care or kinship care – the desired outcome is to be reunited with their parent(s) or to be permanently placed in a stable home
  • Eliminate or reduce future child maltreatment


  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Therapists
  • Care Coordinators
  • Parent Support Partners (Peer Support)


  • Therapeutic interventions delivered in the family home or in a community setting (office-based also available)
  • Linkages to needed resources, supports, and services
  • Coordination of care to help navigate all resources and services
  • Monthly child and family team meetings
  • Professional development opportunities and consultation services for learning practical strategies that can immediately be applied with families and young children
  • Early Childhood Therapeutic Services


Courtney Bokelman, LISW-S
Manager of Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health
5050 Madison Road, Cincinnati OH 45227


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Best Together

St. Aloysius and The Children’s Home have integrated into a new organization to become Cincinnati’s premier agency for early childhood services, education, and behavioral health under the name Best Point.

Best Point

For the best experience, you can visit the Best Point website to learn about our current services as well as additional services we now offer.