Autism Services

Shor Center of Excellence

Our programs include a specialized school that serves middle school and high school students on the spectrum as well as innovative transition and work readiness programs for young adults who have graduated high school. We also have behavioral health counseling available for grade school students with ASD who would benefit from mental health counseling.

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Heidt Center of Excellence by The Children’s Home is proud to offer a continuum of specialized services for individuals on the autism spectrum, including support services for families.

Current programs include:

Our autism services program is located on our second campus at 4550 Red Bank Expressway. Our programs meet Ohio’s educational standards and provides credit toward a high school diploma for middle school and high school aged students.

Check out this story about Logan who was one of our students!

Our curriculum includes:

– Low student to teacher ratios
– Specialized academic programming
– Music therapy and instruction
– Speech-language and occupational therapy services
– Art therapy and instruction
– Daily integration of social skills and instruction and systematic application across settings
– Transition to adulthood programming, including job readiness classes

Highly trained staff provide a holistic learning experience specially designed to create a positive learning environment focused on academics, social skills, job readiness and the inclusion of related therapies.

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Check out our student newsletter, The Puzzle Piece, written and produced by our Heidt Center student body!

Contact: The Children’s Home Intake and Engagement Center


The Heidt Center of Excellence is an approved Ohio Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarship provider.

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About Our Autism Services Director – Amanda Tipkemper

Amanda is the recipient of the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati’s Faces of Autism Professional Excellence Award, The Children’s Home of Cincinnati Presidential Award, and Applied Behavioral Services’ Award for Exemplary Professional Leadership.

She has worked with individuals on the autism spectrum from early intervention to adulthood. Amanda has extensive experience developing and overseeing educational programs for students on the spectrum, consulting with schools and other organizations, and is very active in connecting community resources.

The Children’s Home is an approved Ohio Autism and Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Provider.

Best Together

St. Aloysius and The Children’s Home have integrated into a new organization to become Cincinnati’s premier agency for early childhood services, education, and behavioral health under the name Best Point.

Best Point

For the best experience, you can visit the Best Point website to learn about our current services as well as additional services we now offer.